Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dumped for Obama

My friend Rachel wrote a pretty clever song about her relationship with her ex, who was feverishly in-love with Obama, despite not working on the campaign or in politics at all. Things got weird when he wanted to spend the weekends cruising the swing states during the primaries just to be part of the scene, and maybe catch a shiny glimpse of the populist pin-up himself. Not that I haven't had mancrushes before (c.f. Bear Grylls), but I doubt I'd lay my relationship down for it...unless that's what Bear wanted.

Anyway, Rachel, inspired by the "I Have a Crush on Obama" girl, put this song together out of light-hearted recrimination for the platonic political estrangement (I am HOT on alliteration right now). My sexxxy Moroccan boyfriend, Michael, directed the video. He was also the Dolly Grip, if you know what I mean.

The clip has received some legitimate press, including Politico, DCist, as well as a nod from the original Obama Girl herself. It's okay if you don't know who the Obama Girl is. I didn't, but it's still funny.

So here's the video, and cheers to Rachel!


Anonymous said...

Your boyfriend Michael is extremely talented and hot. You are one lucky man!!

Phil said...

that was a bit cunningly ridiculous for my taste. and, yes, i read this. whachoo choo train gonna do about it?