Monday, May 19, 2008

Stumble for the Cure - coming this summer

The other day I was thinking of new ways to pass the long, hot, humid summer months here in DC. Ways that would involve the three cornerstones of metropolitan DC life: overdressed 20-somethings, charity events, and drinking. So, one day, like the guy who sells those $600 vacuum cleaners, "I had it."

This summer I'm organizing "Stumble for the Cure."

Attire is black-tie optional. Male and female participants will wear their two-piece suits or tuxes (ties required for the gentlemen, hose for the ladies), and all will be encouraged to also don outer jackets, such as an overcoat, and hats. We will begin the day with the most important activity of all: networking over a dozen or so drinks at a bar, beginning around 12:00 pm or so on a clear, hot Saturday in July or August. Then around 3:00 pm we'll head down to the Mall for the race. Yes, the race.

Participants will line-up, in full Hill garb (man purses recommended), and wait for the starting whistle. Upon starting, we'll sprint through the 1-mile course and do our best to outrace our friends and contemporaries. We will require a business card to be affixed to your suit so that we can properly award the top 3 finishers with glowing praise and flowing beer at the celebration to follow at a nearby bar. And since no DC event is complete without some sort of philanthropy, we'll ask all participants to donate $25 to a legitimate, well-purposed, and nonpartisan charity.

I hope you're as excited about this idea as I am, because sprinting for a mile in DC's humid summer sun with a belly full of delicious dirty martinis sounds like as good a charity event as I've ever heard.

Email me at if you're interested in participating.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Overheard in DC

On the Metro, as people try to squeeze onto the train:

Woman #1, polite, smiling: Pleeease don't push, I'm very pregnant!

Woman #2, snarky, pushing: Well maybe you shouldn't ride the Metro during rush hour, honey!

Rest of the train: (rising "oooooh" as if Rudy from The Cosby Show just mouthed off to Bill Huxtable)

Thursday, ~6:30pm, Red Line, Metro Center.