Monday, December 14, 2009

New Blog Post

Things I've done since September 17, 2009:

Two work trips (CA x2),
Two personal trips (RI & IA),
Two friends got married,
Two friends got engaged,
Studied less than I probably should have,
Played Medieval 2: Total War more than I probably should have,
Missed seeing Dan in DC at least 3 times,
Lived & Died in LA,
Hyperventilated for 25 straight minutes in a soccer game,
Ignored Andrew's snarky comments on the blog (until now),
Didn't go out for Halloween,
Spoke through a translator,
Saw Slumdog Millionaire and the second half of No Country For Old Men,
Found some cool new music (The Dead Weather, Plants & Animals, The Dodos, Hospital Ships, Fuck Buttons, ...),
Tried cheese for the first time,
Saw Steve Vai shred on TV,
Thrice decided to take a photo of the Capitol out my office window every morning but then forgot about it,
Made $28.50 off of Andrew because he's lazy as shit,
Was disappointed by a grade
Was appointed by a grade, and
Didn't blog.

Now we're all caught up, so don't ask me what I've been up to next time you see me. You may ask me how I'm doing, though.