Thursday, August 09, 2007

Newz U Can Yewz: IT'S HOT!

In case you've been staying home from work this entire week, have entirely ignored TV, the Internet, and email, and have isolated yourself from all interpersonal contact, I have some very very important news for you today:

It's HOT outside!

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this, but the temperature seems to be really high lately, and I don't feel comfortable walking around in my long wool pants and sateen dress shirt lately. It also seems to be the topic of conversation in every elevator, cafeteria, Potbelly, Chipotle, doghouse, chickenhouse, cathouse, crackhouse, and outhouse. I'm guilty of it, too. Shit, it's about all you can think about when the Heat Index is 105 Degreez (though it could get hotter).

So, in conclusion,

"fuck you" Mother Nature.


CJ said...

It's hot? I hadn't really noticed.

Arlene said...

And where was global warming last February while I was freezing my tail off at the Silver Spring metro center? Where were you THEN, HUH???

Brice Lord said...

Yeah, the weather never seems to cooperate with my desires, either, which is strange considering my godlike characteristics.