Thursday, February 08, 2007

Life Taxes Spontaneity

I was driving somewhere sometime earlier this week, and I caught this advertisement on the side of some bus. In one of my usual dyslexic stupors, I read it as "Life Taxes Spontaneity," which caught me off-guard because not only was it unexpectedly depressing, it was also on the side of a bus. Of course, the ad actually read, "Life Takes Spontaneity," and it was probably an ad for Mastercard or something. Pointless as the story is, it seemed kinda interesting to me, nonetheless. I used to be more spontaneous, back when I didn't have to be in the office every day, Monday-Friday, at 8:30am for mandatory start-your-day-off-right meetings. Of course, I used to be more irresponsible and care-free, too, from which that spontaneity likely blossomed (e.g. I used to go out 5 nights/week and get into work ~10:30am). That caused me some great troubles at certain times, and accompanying those troubles was a lot of stress. I guess spontaneity makes life more interesting, but if "interesting" means "stressful," maybe it's not the right way to go about being spontaneous. Or, maybe you just can't be spontaneous without being irresponsible and stressed out. Whatever, who knows. I'm gonna go buy some CDs and Slim Jims and drive around the beltway until I feel like stopping.

(Above left) Mr. Gore worries that the the photographer might blink unexpectedly.
(Above right) Mr. Osbourne summons a demon.

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