Monday, December 31, 2007

Every time you come around my hood

Bling Bling.

A little update on my so-called investments in the stock market. E*Trade hasn't fared so well, and has lost about 35% of its value since my purchase. Awesome. So, it's gone from a quick turnaround lottery stock to a longer hold and wait-for-the-recession-that-won't-come-to-pass stock. Oh well.

Ironically, the best investment I made over the last year seems to have been the involuntary one. I've still got about 50 units worth of Euros and Swiss Francs in my wallet, which have both appreciated.

I'm particularly annoyed that the two other stocks I had seriously considered buying, Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd: VSL and Tata Motors Ltd: TTM, have appreciated by 45% and 7%, respectively. Oh well, what're you gonna do?


Arlene said...

My most lucrative investment is precious metals, if you can believe that. For every sap out there who goes to Jared's, I see my stock remain a good 20-35% above the value invested. As someone who is adamantly opposed to jewelry as equivalent to sentiment, this is completely hypocritical. My bank account is okay with that.

Brice Lord said...

It can only be JARRREEEED'S!!! God I hate that commercial, and by proxy, you.

I'm glad you brought jewelry up, though, because I guess my most lucrative investment this year is the engagement ring, which went up 50% on appraisal. Unfortunately, this is probably the most illiquid investment I could ever make.

adspar said...

Oh well, what're you gonna do?

Not buy stocks?

Brice Lord said...

"Not buy stocks?"


Arlene said...

Don't be silly. Engagement ring? Illiquid? There's a pawn shop in SE that'll give you $500 smackers for it. In fact, if you're really strapped, there are a couple of twenties in my wallet that are waiting to change hands in exchange for your diamond ring.

Anonymous said...

I actually think the engagement ring was the best investment you have ever made. Mostly because in exchange, you get me. No ring, no me! :-)