Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year(')s

Does that have an official apostrophe? Does anyone know? Anyway, I have no plans for New Year's, and I hereby officially announce my hatred of the holiday. Here's what I hate about it:

1) requirement to go out, and
2) requirement to do something extraordinary, and
3) requirement to pretend like it's fun.

Additionally, here's what's not's fun's about's New's Year's:

1) paying $80 for a bar that would otherwise cost you $0.00
2) waiting an hour to get a single drink
3) being caught in a smash

Fuck this "holla-day". I'll ring in the new year the usual way instead: gutting a fetal goat. Wait, what?

1 comment:

Arlene said...

New Year's (with apostrophe) is easily the lamest night of the year, fraught with higher expectations than a school boy on prom night. But at least you can guarantee all your friends will be out. Unless, of course, they are all going to different parties or are out of town and so you're stuck with your sick boyfriend, getting sushi and watching The Namesake.