Tuesday, May 22, 2007


While searching for a video of the dancing robot for the dancing robot post (it's always good to start out a post with redundancy), I naturally started out with the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim's website. Something on it caught me eye; it was a game called BIBLE FIGHT.

It's pretty simple. You choose your favorite biblical character (choice of Noah, Moses, Mary, Jesus, Eve, and Satan, plus one secret character) and your opponent from the same list, then you fight Street Fighter II style. There may be no Blanka electricity or Ryu's "shoryuken!", but Noah's "Two of Everything Stampede" and Jesus' "Cross Smash" are noble replacements.

(ABOVE) Me as Jesus putting the hurt on Noah with a sick overheard Cross Smash.

Everyone from the pope on down to my atheist friends should enjoy this game. Also, if you're able to beat Satan in the Arcade option, let me know who the secret character is. I'm guessing it's either God or the game programmer's avatar from Second Life.

Play BIBLE FIGHT, and tell your friends you found it here---as if you have any friends besides me.


dan said...

i saw this game too after going to the site to check out the game "5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)" after seeing it featured on adult swim. anyways, i just beat satan in hell with jesus on arcade mode, it didn't unlock the character. i'm guessing you need to win the whole tournament.

dan said...

ok well after posting that, i couldn't let that lie, so i beat it on tournament. it is indeed god, and you can unlock him by typing "JEHOVAH" at the player select screen. fuckn bible fight.

Brice Lord said...

Oops, I meant Tournament mode not Arcade mode.

I figured you'd be up to the challenge Dan. I also figured you'd conquer said challenge. Next I'm going to sick you on Elder Scrolls: Morrowind.