Monday, May 14, 2007


Let this be a lesson on checking your work. So I just found out that some of you who clicked on the Hammer Bros. link in the Pop Quiz #2 post were treated to a nice image of a hairy-old-man threesome. Actually I'm not even sure there were three of them; I just saw fat, hair, penises, and that was enough to close the IE window like I just touched a hot stove.

The link is now fixed and will route you away from, the perpetrator of the above-given male-on-male crime. The site must be playing really hilarious games with its links. I'm sure as shit laughing my ass off here at work as security is hustling their way up to my cubicle with guns drawn and a red "sex offender" sack to throw me into.

Again, my apologies, I really hope none of you get fired.


Phil said...

i do the firing around here. i'm canned.

Brice Lord said...

Yeah, we took care of your bullshit when you worked here. All you ever did was blog all day. Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog. And then we put the restraining order on you.