Friday, September 14, 2007

Pillowfight '07: Michigan vs. Notre Dame

As a devoted Michigan fan, I've naturally been de-testacled this season after successive losses to unranked opponents, one of which shall remain nameless for the rest of my life, to open the season 0-2. This is the first time Michigan opened its season with two straight losses at home since 1959. That's almost 50 years. It's truly a season of historic ignominy for my favorite teams. Michigan sucks as bad as it has for a half-century, the Orioles lost a game by 27 runs, the first time in 110 years, and the Ravens can't seem to beat the perennial cross-town underachievers (Redskins) nor the perennial convicted criminals (Bengals).

Some idiot UM fan made this tshirt before the season started (obviously). Now we all know where to point those fingers.

This weekend Michigan faces one of its archrivals, Notre Dame. Thankfully, Notre Dame is equally awful, having lost their first two games this season as well. Of course, it'll be the first time in history that's ever happened. Lucky me. Watching this game should be like watching blind, retarded sumo wrestlers play checkers in space.

There's a lot of talk this time around about which team is worse rather than the usual "which team is better" madness. For some reason Notre Dame fans think their quarterback's extra 6 quarters of gametime experience over Michigan's freshman QB (our senior got hurt last week) will make the difference somehow. Oh, and thanks to the Big 10 for filling our bye week with an out-of-conference game; that should really give the injured players the respite they need midseason. But, for some reason Michigan fans think that this is a fluke and we'll turn it around all the sudden against the hated Irish. I'd love to believe that, but as far as I can tell this fluke is less the gastrointestinal variety and more the Dune Sandworms variety.

This is not a fluke.

No matter what happens on Saturday, what I am absolutely 100% sure of is that everyone can look forward to watching a 4.5-hour football game, compliments of the ABC network, Doritos, Carmax, and Cialis.

And that's why it's called Pillowfight 2007*. But hey, Go Blue.

* I didn't come up with this.


n8k- said...

I'll be there! For $120 (2 tix) they had better win!

Michael said...

Cornell has a better record than Michigan this year. Who is the football powerhouse now?

Michael said...

interesting this guy michael used my iphone. Now i can post with his name... This could get interesting.

PS craig is a superstud. Http:// rules

F.J. Delgado said...

Welcome to a tiny preview of what it's like to be Duke football, with the exception that UM or ND will never run the table with losses year in and year out.

Actually, Notre Dame could, but they're thanking their lucky stars that they have... you guessed it!... DUKE on the schedule!!!

Scheduling Duke might be the best thing Charlie Weis will ever do at Notre Dame.

Brice Lord said...

Hey Michael, let me know how you can compare Cornell's 1-0 record with Michigan's 1-2 record and then repeat your comment.

The best thing Charlie Weis will ever do at Notre Dame is leave. Oh snap.