Friday, September 21, 2007


Fall's always a busy business travel time for me, but this year is looking to be unusually busy. As it stands right now, I'll be traveling a total of 26 days between now and the end of the year. Eep.

My travel schedule is roughly:
Late-Sept: Southern California
Late-Oct: Geneva, Switzerland (you can hate me for this)
Early-Nov: Southern California
Mid-Nov: Detroit, MI (you can pity me for this)
Mid-Dec: Southern California

I usually enjoy traveling for work, but it is tiring and can get boring and lonely. If I have any free time and have a car at my disposal, I like to drive around a place for a few hours to get a feel for what everything looks like and how the people are, and take a few pictures if anything strikes my fancy. I've been fortunate that my job has taken me to a lot of places I doubt I would see otherwise.

This year I've been particularly fortunate to go abroad to Spain and Switzerland for work. I've never been to Europe before this year, but counting my honeymoon next June (Greece), I'll have gone to Europe three times within the span of 11 months. That ain't so bad.

So if I had to give you the top 5 destinations I want to see before I die, as of right now they'd be (not in priority order):

1. Japan
2. Southeast Asia (Laos, Thailand, Vietnam)
3. Antarctica
4. South Africa
5. Saharan Africa

Maybe five isn't enough, because I really want to see China, New Zealand, Peru, Scandinavia, and India as well. Hmm...I'd better start saving.

Anyway, enough daydreaming. I actually have an entire label on the blog devoted to travel; my expeditions are loosely documented here. This includes New Mexico, Colorado, Spain, and a hodgepodge of others. Looking back at this I obviously haven't posted a lot of my photos from various other trips like Seattle, Chicago, LA, Minneapolis, and Santa Barbara. Maybe I'll do that later, if only for my own edification.

My visited U.S. States (35/50). Airports exluded.

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VISIONER said...

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n8k- said...

When were you in Michigan?

Brice Lord said...

Once for your wedding, and the August before that for work. We tried to meet up but couldn't because of my schedule I think.

n8k- said...

...and all of college, asshole.

n8k- said...

Ah, and who can forget Alabama and Louisiana?

Jessica said...

Hm, what a strange way to spell "Sweden": S-O-U-T-H-E-A-S-T-A-S-I-A?

Brice Lord said...

Ah, Lousiana. "Dear lord, your roads are horrible down here."

And when I was putting together my list of places I want to see someday, I had to resist putting in Scandinavia in lieu of the others, because it is a region I really want to see but just barely not as much as what made the list. I'd give it a #11 spot. Shit, actually, I forgot to put in Alaska, too. Goes to show you what happens when you put 5 minutes of thought into planning the rest of your life's travels.