Monday, April 02, 2007


That was my final time for the Cherry Blossom 10-mile run. My pace averaged about 9:24 minutes per mile.

The race started off pretty slow, I think we hit like an 11-minute split on the second mile, which was way too slow, so we needed to pick it up. I increased the pace by about 0:20 each mile after to make sure I had enough left to finish strong. By mile 7 I realized I had plenty of juice, and I ran the last two miles at about an 8:00 split or faster in an attempt to make up the slower early pace, and try to hit my goal.

That goal was to finish in 90 minutes, which I missed by a couple minutes. This being the first time I've ever run more than 3 miles (other than during training for the run) I'm still pretty happy with my time.

Maybe next time I'll be up front with the Kenyans and Ethiopians, who managed to finish 10 miles in a modest 46 minutes, at a 4:37 minute splits pace, or 13 mph.


F.J. Delgado said...

I can't imagine you running that much (I couldn't imagine myself running it either).

What prompted you to enter it?

Also, would it have been possible to blatantly cheat? For example surreptitously planting a bicycle somewhere along the race route and riding it for a few miles?

Brice Lord said...

Indeed, thus the label, "who knew?" The reason I did it is because a certain Mr. KJC convinced me to do it while drunk one night by saying "it was a lot easier than I thought." Of course, when he sobered up, a few days later, he said, "actually, it was a lot harder than I thought." I had already registered by that point, so the die was cast.

It is possible to cheat, and I thought about whether I could get away with hopping in a cab, but there's really no reason to cheat since you're not going to win any money unless you're in the top 5, and that's, frankly, impossible. Plus, there were volunteers along the route literally every 50-100 feet, and they'd see you cut the course.

On the contrary, though, my friend's father-in-law cut off about 6 miles from a marathon once by cutting, but he's run them a bunch of times so i guess it's not a big deal, plus he owned up to it.