Thursday, April 12, 2007

Of course someone else on the Internet has already thought of that

Sometimes I'm just amazed by the internet. If you think you're the first person to think of something, you can immediately prove yourself wrong. And, if you're like me, you enjoy having silent arguments with yourself even though you somehow manage to lose them more often that not.

So after receiving a poorly phrased email one day, I thought it'd be funny to have a day where everyone talks like Yoda, or "Talk Like Yoda Day." It wouldn't really be funny, but when you're at work for 9 hours a day just about anything can be amusing. The feeling of blinding boredom and monotony itself can even be amusing in that sort of hopeless put-your-head-in-your-hands way.

Surprisingly, but not really, it took me 5 seconds to find I like to think that I'm a pretty random individual, but the internet showed me otherwise. It was pretty foolish of me to think that I had been the first person to become so bent of mind at work to conceive of Talk Like Yoda Day. People have been bored at work for centuries, who am I to be the big shit? What gall. And not only does TLYD already exist (as a website no less), its warped creator went so far as to pick a day: May 21. Why May 21? Who the fuck knows.


Anonymous said...

Idiot. Star Wars movies are always released in mid-to-late May, usually somewhere in the 20's. Mondays are good days for office pranks. Therefore, Talk Like Yoda Day makes perfect sense on May 21.

Ep I 19 May 1999
Ep II 16 May 2002
Ep III 19 May 2005
Ep IV 25 May 1977
Ep V 21 May 1980
Ep VI 25 May 1983

Note: Prequels released on Wed to up weekend box office numbers, so they fit into my May 20ish hypothesis.

Brice Lord said...

Of COURSE you would know that.
Of course YOU would know that
Of course, you WOULD know that.
Of course, you would know THAT.

Pick one of the above as my witty comeback. PICK ONE!

CJ said...

That comment is classic. Ironically, I googled "end the cola wars" and some people linked to your page about this yoda day stuff.

That knee-jerk "idiot" reaction cracks me up. Classic "comic-book-guy" material.